1. Anthem

From the recording The Slants

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\Most of us don’t care
The flashing lights and distant cries
Most just move right on
Muffled sounds, averted eyes

Hear the radio’s screech
Stop. I can’t breathe

Thin blue lines will divide all
Black and white standing to fall
Protect, withdraw
Blameless eyes of the law
It’s not too late to make the call
Some lives don’t matter at all
What’s the last straw
Blameless eyes of the law

More than dark or light.
or surface deep, what’s underneath?
Whose side will you take?
When both lie bleeding in the street.

See the steel salute
Hands up, don’t shoot

Riot is the language of the unheard
Violence is the answer to your slander
Power is the cancer to your downfall
Ashes are the fertile grounds for rebirth
...and justice for