Current Band Members

Joe X. Jiang (left) and Simon "Young" Tam (right)

SIMON "Young" Tam


Simon "Young" Tam is the founder and bassist of The Slants. As the only original band member who has been in the group since the beginning as well as the plaintiff in the band's Supreme Court case, he is often referred to as the "frontman."

He's also obsessed with dinosaurs, cooking, and solving the world's problems.

Joe X. Jiang


Joe X. Jiang is the guitarist for The Slants. In addition, he plays a heavy role in songwriting, keys, and vocals as well. He often tours with Simon as a duo, presenting the band's story through music.

When not on stage with The Slants, he's often playing in other Portland bands or producing films.

Former members of The Slants

Ken Shima


Ken Shima was the lead singer of The Slants from 2014-2019. He has been singing since the age of 13 and eventually graduated from the American Musical And Dramatic Academy.

He appears on Something Slanted This Way Comes, The Band Who Must Not Be Named, and The Slants EP.

Tyler Chen


Tyler Chen was drummer for The Slants from 2008-2016 but often joined the band for performances and tours in 2018 and 2019. 

In addition to providing the backbeat for the band, he was the primary backup vocalist and played guitar parts on a number of releases, including Pageantry, The Yellow Album, and Something Slanted This Way Comes.

Today, he and his wife own and operate the Chico Bay Inn.

Aron Moxley


Aron was lead singer of The Slants from 2007-2014. His voice appears on the band's first four releases and he was a primary songwriter for Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts; Pageantry; and The Yellow Album. 

Today, he is owner of Stabs, a pop-up restaurant at Bar Carlo, and lead organizer for the Rice Bowl Posse, an alliance of Asian American restaurant and food cart owners.

Johnny Fontanilla


Jonthan (or "Johnny") Fontanilla was guitarist for The Slants from 2007-2013. He frequently collaborated on songwriting and can be heard on the band's first 3 full length releases.

Today, he lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife and four children.

Thai Dao


Thai was a multi-instrumentalist and touring machine who played keys and guitar for The Slants from 2011-2015. At times, he would also step in as bassist, including for the band's 2013 "Enter the Dragon" tour. Thai performs on The Yellow Album.

Today, he is still performing music with a variety of bands in Seattle, WA.

Will Moore


Will Moore was The Slants' lead guitarist from 2012-2015. While he does not appear on any of the band's albums, he was active for a number of the group's national tours and appears in several music videos. 

As Aron was departing the band, Will also stepped in as the lead vocalist for multiple shows until Ken joined the band.