From the recording The Band Who Must Not Be Named

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Endlessly Falling

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Window panes, distorted views
My lost love was all you knew
Then you walked inside

It’s like a jump and then a fall
Crashing your way through my walls
And I’ll watch you fly

Veils cannot hide
What you are to me
We’re one and the same

All of these feelings, can I be dreaming?
Endlessly falling when you come calling
Dancing real close now
Don’t really know how
I got to be here

Under New York Lights
We’ll ride into the night
We both know this is right
Nothing can stop us

Daylight breaks and you’re off again
There is no need to pretend
It’s just you and me

Don’t be scared to lose control
The past is gone, so is the hold
We can both break free

Marvel at the stars
Lighting up the sky
Flying from so far
Descending in the night
Can you see them now?
They can show us how