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I see it as more of a social justice, ethical case...What are the impacts on marginalized communities?”

Rolling Stone: Inside Asian-American Group the Slants’ Supreme Court Free-Speech Win

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Studies on the impact of The Slants' Supreme Court case

"Simon Tam’s successful attempt to infuse meaning into a term by trademarking it was brilliant. He and other newly minted trademark holders have been unleashed to kick-start a new era of free speech and cultural reclamation, where we as market participants have a voice. Now, more than ever, what we have to say and what the market thinks matters. Society should take note from The Slants® and we should be sure to speak loud enough and proud enough for the lexicographers to hear." (PennLaw/Wharton)

"When a group is seen as taking control of a historically disparaging term, it can indeed neutralize the insulting content of the term...and it does so among the group that is the target of the insult, as well as among members of the majority group. Reappropriation does seem to work in the sense of defusing insults, rendering them less disparaging and harmful" (Washington University at St. Louis study)