1. Fight Back

From the recording The Band Who Must Not Be Named

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Fight Back

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Reaching out
Reaching through
ghostly hands in
abandoned rooms
Where’s the charge?
This hollow march
Faked you out
In fits and starts

Don’t let the words dissuade
Don’t let the text prevail
Don’t let the weakness of others infect your health
Don’t be their alibi
Don’t feed their greedy mouth
If it’s time then it’s now stand up tall and

Fight back
Rather than just sit back
Claw your way through the feedback
Don’t get caught in that , get caught in that
Just react
Heart and mind remain intact
Tooth and nail will not retract
Lead the pack cuz it’s yours
It’s your time now
It’s Your time now

Look within
A Broken peace
You create what
You want to see
Shuttered minds
shuttered eyes
Can’t feel, can’t see inside