From the recording The Yellow Album

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Rescue Me From My Own Heart

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Hello, hello, hello I need you • Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye I hate you • Rescue me from my own heart

Take it from now, take it from me, we can be honest lovers • Do you recall when you asked me "How do I know it's true love?” • Does a song bird love it's song, what if a note is held too long? • Beautiful song with a note too long just like true love

Take it from me, take the side, ‘cause I need your attention • Take it right now, take the heart that is in suspension • I wanna make mistakes to unfold, leave this past if truth be told • Take it from me take the hand that is waiting and bold

I would need for you and you could hate for me • What I'd do for you but you will destroy me
• I will be for you what you want me too