From the recording The Yellow Album

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Been Through Hell

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You’re the knife and I'm the stone • Only the lonely work alone • Side by side, do or die • You are the marrow in my bones • I wanna take you by surprise because you make me feel alive
• You kill the loneliness inside, you make the days last all night

It's on the line • Hey baby can't you tell, hey baby can’t you, tell me if you want to keep it coming •
Because we've been through hell because we've been through hell but now we dwell so close to heaven

Yes I've seen this mess before • Police and thieves at your heart’s door • Wanting more, wanting more, on your lips I taste amore • I wanna bend you over chairs • I wanna buy you clothes to wear • This love affair is so not fair • Let’s melt away and disappear

I'll keep you coming I'll keep you coming