1. Con Kids

From the recording The Yellow Album

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Con Kids

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The kids are coming in five’s • they feel alive and they’re gonna start a fight • they’re gunnin’ for tonight • The kids and they’re coming in three’s • razorblades and they’re coming for me • it's true, they’re coming here for you

And the kids are coming coming way again • they’re coming for tonight •The kids are fighting for what has come around •for what is right • The kids are coming this way again
• They’re coming for tonight They’re coming fighting cause life is what you find • for what is fine

And the kids say screw the rules • we are too cool for school• It's true, they’re coming here for you• Now the kids are coming in two’s • They’ve got nothing to lose, it's true, they’re coming here for you

I’ve come, I’ve come away •I’ve come just for my yesterdays •and always wanted you to be my love