From the recording The Yellow Album

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Unconventional Ways

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When we roll into your town • Baby did you come, did you come to get down? • We will be all kinds of around • Whisper your name as you grind to the sound • When you want it,
these unconventional ways •When you need it, we’re here to stay, yeah we’re here to stay

I see the way you look at me, I see the light • I see the way, I see the way you need me, after tonight •Call it lust I say “I crave you baby,” I see the light • Come in waves we come for everybody, it's alright

It is known and the fact that it shows • I need your touch and baby who knows? • Your heartbeat is where I call home •I'll serve your needs as you carry the loads

You make me feel • You make me want to kill • Oh yes, you make me feel • You make me feel unreal