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I Wanna Break You Down

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Another promise sent, from the president, “We'll be out of debt” - we'll be waiting
When you wanna run and you try to hide, light you up inside, we'll be burning
Nimble fingertips create a place for this, the thought of you exists, I'll be dreaming
You are insane, just like the other day, you blew my mind away, we'll be tripping

And I know that in the future
away from you it is just torture
this Modern Lover is coming home tonight
And I want to build this pressure, every time we try, I wanna break it down inside, I wanna break
you down to the afterlife

I've got the time to say, we'll be on our way, we just got to pay, we'll be singing
When you want to be, oh so close to me, got some time to kill, we'll be wasting
When you want to find, a little piece of mind, I will make the time, we'll be laughing
Because the sun will set, burn into my heart, this moment you can bet, we'll be falling