From the recording Pageantry


Can you feel it? Emptiness the silos have run dry
Set in the dusty valley, radio reception echoes wide
I'll be with you, dust will settle and dirt will map your face
The traces of our existence, a few left in this place

Dissolute and down right ornery
Stubborn through and through
I will capture all that heaven
Heaven inside/that is you

Rise up against the city (we will fight for future)
You can always count on me (we will fight for future)
What you want from me, I will be here for you to need
Don't be afraid for us to bleed (we will fight for future)

At this moment, you and I will bleed the commons dry
At the pace once set it will be harder for the heartfelt tries
I'll be with you, in the morning the sunlight starts to race
And holds so still, as to capture the outline of your face